News : Linking EIA and Health Impacts

Gillian Gibson of Compass Professional Development Ltd will be speaking at the IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) Environmental Assessment Forum in Birmingham on 24th April 2008.


Gillian will be running a workshop to re-appraise the role of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs). The workshop will use a case study of a recent planning application to explore why do some applications sail through the planning system, and others stall. The workshop will also consider what are the health fraternity looking to see within the EIA statement and what constitutes good practice.


 The workshop aims to re-appraise the role of HIA in an EIA by encouraging delegates to:-
  •  consider HIA as an integral part of EIA statements, not a ‘bolt on’
  • consider of the role and timing of stakeholder dialogue
  • develop a greater understanding of the need for cross-discipline working
The case study addresses a recent planning application for a major refuse recycling park, with integrated incineration of end-use waste met with local opposition. The group will consider -
  • What was in the EIA? Was this appropriate and adequate?
  • What was the role of public services in this application? 
  • What could have been done differently by the consultants? 
  • Did the statutory consultees act appropriately?
Gillian Gibson has been conducting appraisal of EIA throughout the IPPC application phase, and has fought hard for greater recognition of health impact within the EIA process. She has provided consultancy to the Health sector both for IPPC and  planning , and is a guest lecturer on the MSc in planning at Manchester University. Gillian is a Fellow of IEMA.


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